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June 01, 2019 1 min read

You might have seen a common thread in the name of our bags? They are actually street names from Stockholm, known as "The capital of Scandinavia"

But there are more to these names, the first part of these street names comes from our old viking heritage and norse mythology.

For example our Birkagatan Backpack. Birkagatan is located in central Stockholm, in a beautiful part of the city called ”Birkastan”.

But there are more to the name of Birkagatan. The name Birka actually comes from another place, far older than the streets of Stockholm. Birka was one of Swedens first cities, located on Björkö, an island by the lake Mälaren that runs through Stockholm and a large part of Sweden.

It was one of the largest viking villages in all of Scandinavia and a super important place for trade in during the rough age of our history. One might say Birka was the start of Stockholm, and Stockholm was the start of Lynx & Wood.

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